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Precision Striping and Sealcoating, Inc.

Serving Northern NJ since 1986

Precision Striping and Sealcoating, Inc. is a family owned and operated company since 1986, serving the commercial, educational and residential community of northern New Jersey. We provide high quality asphalt services. Our reputation is one of excellence, a firm you can trust. From our expert service to our knowledgeable and friendly crews, you will get that small company service, with the efficiency of a large company. You can always count on Precision to meet your asphalt needs.

Since 1986, Dan and Stephan continue to attend several classes and seminar’s a year. We regularly attend the National Pavement Expo to learn about new materials and application processes coming to the market. We use the highest quality commercial grade Crafco/Copeland asphalt sealer and Sherwin Williams traffic paint for all our commercial and residential asphalt projects.

We are a complete asphalt maintenance company that takes pride in maintaining consistent quality control on every job we undertake, commercial or residential. Your satisfaction is important to us. We stand behind every job we do.

Precision offers a wide variety of parking lot and driveway services including: Sealcoating, Traffic Markings, Crack Repair, Commercial Asphalt Milling, Patching and Paving, Catch Basin Repair and Sweeping.
Precision is a Fully-Insured New Jersey Licensed Public Works Contractor and is licensed with The State of New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs for Home Improvement Contractor.
Please request a quote or contact us for your parking lot or driveway project.
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As of 2005 all contractors in the state of New Jersey are required by law to register and become licensed with the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs. Precision met these standards before they were required. Never do business with a contractor in New Jersey who does not meet the legal and insurance requirements for pavement contractors otherwise you may be held libel if an accident occurs on the job